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Guide to the best places to buy alternative medicine online in the UK

Alternative medicine has boomed over the last decade and a good number of specialised shops now offer alternative medicine products and advice online.

allCures is a full-service online chemist which features an extensive alternative medicine department. They sell homeopathy, aromatherapy, antioxidants and supplements products, as well as quit smoking & slimming aids.
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Body Health

At Body Health you shop online for mineral and vitamin supplements. They stock bone/joint, heart, weight, immune boosting and various general supplements.
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Boots offers a small selection of alternative medicine online from the 'Boots Alternatives' range.
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Easy Crystals is a UK based crystal shop selling a large variety of crystals and healing stones. Their site also offers lots of information on crystal healing.
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Fushi, a popular lifestyle brand with it's flagship store on the King's Road in London, sell holistic health solutions made from quality natural ingredients and based on eastern and western remedies. They have alternative products for a massive range of ailments, including asthma, cold sores, stress, tiredness, bad breath, diabetes, headaches, colds and many more.
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GNC have 65 years experience in natural products, and more than 5000 stores in 21 countries. You can buy vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies and many other supplements on their on-line shop.
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Green Valley

Green Valley is a dedicated natural health company for the ethically concerned and health conscious consumer. All the vitamins, remedies, supplements and alternative products they sell are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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Health Shop Direct

Health Shop Direct offers a wide range of natural health & beauty products chosen for their high quality and ethical background. Health Shop Direct is a friendly, family run company founded on the premise that good faith, integrity and environmental responsibility are eminently compatible with good business. They also offer free nutritional help by phone or E-mail.
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Holistic Aromas

Holistic Aromas brings you a selection of thoughtful, therapeutic and beautifully presented aromatherapy products and gifts. Their site also features holistic lifestyle links encouraging a healthier and happier lifestyle and a local therapist finder.
Click here to visit the Holistic Aromas web site

Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett, the High Street chain, offer their extensive range of natural health products online. The Holland and Barrett site also contains useful information about natural, complimentary and alternative medicine.
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Naturally Charmed

Naturally Charmed is an online new age shop selling a selection of alternative herbal health & slimming products, crystals and gifts.
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Soulcraft sell the world-renowned binaural beat technology called Hemi-sync. This is a patented and clinically proven sound therapy product, which can be used for stress reduction, meditation relaxation and sleep enhancement.
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Swallow Healthy Diet

Swallow Healthy Diet bring you an ever expanding range of quality alterative health and beauty products, including herbal remedies, vitamins & minerals, antioxidants, protien drinks and more. What's nice is that you can search their site by ailment or product category.
Click here to visit the Swallow Healthy Diet web site

Think Natural

ThinkNatural offers a very good selection of alternative medicine and natural health products online. Their product range includes chinese herbals, aromatherapy, vitamins & minerals, ayurveda, flower remedies and more. Information on natural health products and special offers are available as well.
Click here to visit the ThinkNatural web site

Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life are the suppliers of the NutruaTM range of high quality, ethical nutritional health supplements. Their site also features lots of useful information about nutrition and health to help you in your quest for well-being.
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Your Aromatherapy

Your Aromatherapy stock the finest quality essential oils, aromatherapy accessories and body care products.
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