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If you have an online shop or site (it doesn't need to sell anything), and want to get listed, please read through the following guidelines. We guarantee that we will review your site. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a listing (we value quality over quantity).
Listing Guidelines for

  1. Site and services need to be targeted at the UK market. Language needs to be English.
  2. Site needs to be well designed, easy and intuitive to use. Load time needs to be acceptable through a modem. No flash-only sites please.
  3. Delivery and other extra charges need to be transparent to the user.
  4. Site needs to be secure. A secure mechanism needs to be in use for card payments.
  5. Contact information (including address and telephone number) needs to be available on the site.
  6. If you cannot find an appropriate category for your site, chances are very small that we can list you at this stage. Please visit us back at a later date, as we're constantly adding more categories.
If your site conforms to these guidelines, then please mail us with the following info:
  • Site Name and URL.
  • Brief site description.
  • Extra features, i.e. whether you offer telephone ordering (+ number), free delivery, express delivery, worldwide delivery and/or gift wrapping.
  • Which category or categories you would like to be added to.
  • Whether you would be willing to add a link back to our site.
Send this information to

We will notify you when your site has been added. Again, we cannot guarantee a listing, and unfortunately cannot always provide feedback on the reasons for not listing a site.

We would appreciate if you could link back to our site. Adding one of these links will almost certainly guarantee that we add you to our 'other sites' pages (unless your site advocates illegal activities). Here're some example links: - easy internet shopping - internet shopping made easy - easier internet shopping - secure internet shopping
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Many thanks in advance for suggesting your site to us.

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