Mission Statement

Our name says it all: we want to make your online experience ´So Much Easier´, in any way we can. We hope that by doing this we will save you time (and money), and make your Internet experience more enjoyable.

Our first focus has been on the Internet shopping experience, by providing an easy and user-friendly first stop resource for online shopping. We do not aim to list every single shop out there on the web. We value quality above quantity. We have only listed online shops, which we feel offer the best products, customer service, secure online ordering, competitive prices and reliable UK delivery. You will notice that most of the brands we link to are popular High Street names, together with some well established Internet shops.

SoMuchEasier.co.uk is a free site for you to use, and is maintained through some advertising. Although we may provide links to some of our advertisers in our shopping channel, we, unlike some other shopping guides or lists, do not limit ourselves to linking to advertisers. We list those companies which we believe the UK consumer wants to visit, irregardless of whether we benefit or not.

We hope you enjoy SoMuchEasier.co.uk.