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Guide to the best places for buying mobiles online in the UK

You can buy mobiles online in the UK through the High Street phone shops, a number of specialised Internet retailers or the mobile network operators. Even if you prefer to buy your phone in a bricks-and-mortar shop, it is worthwhile browsing online first to catch up on the best deals (in your own time). Quite a few retailers now sell contract mobile phones with free gifs as well to make their offers more competitive.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse are the largest independent retailer of mobile communications in Europe. This means they can offer a wide selection of phones, accessories and price plans on all the major UK networks. You can use their Assisted Purchase tool to help select the right phone and plan for you. more
Click here to visit the Carphone Warehouse web site

Buy Mobile Phones

If you like a new phone with a FREE gift, then Buy Mobile Phones has the contract deals for you with gifts including a free Nintendo Wii, laptop, tablet pc, PS3, iPod, LCD TV, Nintendo 3DS, X-Box 360 and more. They're partners of all the networks and also allow you to get your free gift delivered within 72 hours (with other companies this can take a month).
Click here to visit the BuyMobilePhones web site

E2save offer all of the latest mobile handsets from the UK's principal networks: T Mobile, O2, Vodafone, Orange, BT Mobile & 3. With their price match guarantee they are able to offer the best deals, along with a great range of gifts and promotions.
Click here to visit the E2save web site

Affordable Mobiles

Affordable Mobiles is another good store if you're looking for a phone deal with a free gift or free line rental. The gifts you can get on contract deals include a PS3, Wii, PSP, laptop, LCD TV, tablet, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, iPod and more. They're resellers of T-Mobile, Orange and Three, and also sell phone accessories, pay-as-you-go phones and SIM cards.
Click here to visit the Affordable Mobiles web site

Fonehouse Mobiles

Established in 1994, fonehouse have grown into one of the UK's most reliable mobile phone retailers. They have SIM free and pay monthly deals on T-Mobile, Vodafone, EE, 3 and Orange. You can buy direct online, though they also have 49 stores across the country. Mobile phone upgrades are available too, allowing you to keep your existing number, but get line rental reduction or a gree gift.
Click here to visit the Fonehouse web site

Mobiles Online was one of the first mobile phone websites in the UK. They deal with the T-Mobile, O2, 3, Virgin and Orange networks and offer free next-working-day delivery on all phone packages as well as great Free Gifts - including laptops, game consoles, digital cameras and MP3 players. And, unlike most other shops, they will deliver the free gift next day with your phone as well! They also sell upgrades and payg handsets.
Click here to visit the Mobiles Online web site sell all the latest mobile handsets but only on the EE (T-mobile & Orange) and 3 networks. You'll find all the leading brands including Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia and Sony. They offer mobile business deals too and their website also features the latest phone news.
Click here to visit the Phones co uk web site

Network Operators and Mobile service providers

The UK network operators also provide their own online shops:


Created as a pure 3G service, 3 brings together video calling, location based services, video clips and interactive games. You can browse their handsets and price plans and find your nearest 3Store.
Click here to visit the 3 web site


EE was born in 2010 from two major mobile brands, Orange and T-Mobile. They're now the largest UK network and also offer superfast 4G to 85% of the population. You can buy the full range of contract and Pay As You Go handsets, SIM only products and 4GEE Mobile Broadband direct from the EE website.
Click here to visit the EE web site


The O2 shop also offers a great selection of phones online - from basic entry level mobiles to sophisticated Mobile Internet ones. You match these with one of their pay-as-you-go or monthly-pay tariffs, or if you want to use your existing phone, go for the SIM only option. O2 deals
Click here to visit the O2 web site

TalkTalk Mobile

TalkTalk Mobile offer over 30 different handsets and 3 price plans to their loyal customers. They also offer free calls between SIMs and from SIM to home TalkTalk landline. And when you buy online you get double data too. Their service runs on the Vodafone network so you get 99% coverage in the UK.
Click here to visit the TalkTalk Mobile web site

Talk Mobile

Talk Mobile, from the Carphone Warehouse, is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) powered by the Vodafone network. They offer some of the lowest line rental on a range of great mobile plans (including FREE SIM card with pay-as-you-go rewards like free texts or minutes when you top-up or contract line rental from £4.99 per month with choice of 1 month or 24 month contracts).
Click here to visit the Talk Mobile web site

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile networks in the UK. What they offer is good value monthly contract and payg tariffs with free texting and discounted line rental. At Virgin Mobile's website you can also order free sim cards or handset upgrades.
Click here to visit the Virgin Mobile web site


At the online Vodafone shop you'll find the latest mobiles on their 'pay as you talk' and 'pay monthly' price plans. The Vodafone site also features additional information on how to use their service, as well as entertainment through their portal.
Click here to visit the Vodafone web site

Orange & T-Mobile

Please note that Orange and T-Mobile merged to become EE. While initially they still traded as seperate brands with seperate websites, now all of them have merged as well.
Click here to visit the EE web site

Additional Mobile Services


What about having a personalised mobile phone cover? will digitally print your favourite picture, text, logo or anything else on the cover. You can be sure there will be no other cover like it in the World!
Click here to visit the CustomisedPhoneCovers website


Jamster is Europe's leading provider of mobile entertainment. You'll find the widest choice of mobile phone downloads: polyphonic and monophonic mobile ringtones, mobile java games, colour wallpapers, animated screensavers and much more, including some FREE content. They're subscription based and you'll currently get three mobile ringtone of you choice for £4.50.
Click here to visit the Jamster website

Trace a Mobile

Do you worry where your children or loved ones are? With Trace a Mobile's revolutionary mobile phone tracking technology you can now track any mobile phone on any of the UK's four major network operators.
Click here to visit the Trace a Mobile web site

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