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Guide to the best shops to buy a plasma TV online

Looking to buy a plasma TV? Here's a list of popular UK electrical goods shops where you'll find great deals, excellent service and cheap plasma TVs online. Most of them also allow you to buy your plasma TV now and pay for it later.

Beyond Television

This online retailer offers a good selection of top branded plasma TVs at very competitive prices. You can compare their different plasma TVs on their site and they also offer free delivery and finance options on their TVs as well.
Click here to visit the BeyondTelevision web site


At Currys you'll find a reasonable selection of top branded plasma TVs. Prices are cheaper than in their high street stores since a number of their plasma TVs are offered at Web Exclusive prices. Quickest way to get to their plasma TVs is to type-in plasma in their search box. When you use their normal menu navigation, both LCD & Plasmas are bundled in one category, making more difficult to compare different products.
Click here to visit the Currys web site


ElectricShop stock a good selection of plasma TVs from top brands like Fujitsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony. You're likely to find 1 or 2 plasma TVs in their clearance section as well, which is worth checking out.
Click here to visit the ElectricShop web site

Hughes Direct

Hughes Direct stock around 30 plasma TVs from major brands such as Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung. They sometimes also sell customer returns at real bargain price.
Click here to visit the Digital Direct web site

John Lewis

At John Lewis you'll find a very good selection of the latest plasma TVs. You can also buy in confidence as your purchase is backed-up by their in-store price guarantee.
Click here to visit the John Lewis web site

PIXmania Online

At PIXmania you can buy plasma TVs from the likes of Hyundai, Sony, JVC, Philips, Pioneer and Samsung. Their special offers are some of the cheapest around.
Click here to visit the PIXmania web site

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