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Guide to the best places to buy computer hardware online in the UK

In this 'Computer Hardware' category you will find stores which sell computer peripherals (modems, printers, scanners, ...), computer accessories (mouse mats, printer cartridges, ...) and computer components (motherboards, processers, ...). You can buy computer hardware online from the leading electrical goods retailers and from some PC manufactures.

Amazon UK

Amazon UK, the popular Internet retailer, offers a very good selection of computer hardware online - including modems, graphic & sound cards, printers, web cams, and more. You can read through customer reviews before buying, to see what other people think about the products.
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Apple sell a range of computer accessories online through their 'Apple Store'. These include input devices, displays, memory, printers, cables & hubs, and anything else you may need for your Apple computer.
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Ballicom has been selling IT products since 1993. You can buy a good range of peripherals, hardware and accessories from leading brands like of Sony, Belkin, IBM, Logitech, Apple and Fujitsu through their site. Prices are fairly competitive as well.
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At Currys you can buy a range of computer peripherals, furniture and accessories. Brands available include US Robotics, Hewlett Packard, Creative Labs and Toshiba.
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Multi-award winning is one of the UK's leading online retailers of IT products. They sell-on computer hardware from leading manufacturers, including Apple Mac, Epson, HP, Sony, Toshiba, and more. Their site also features an interesting clearance corner.
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At Dell, the UK's leading computer supplier, you can also buy computer hardware online. You'll find printers, scanners, monitors, data storage devices and memory upgrades from leading brands.
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eBay UK

eBay is the world's leading and largest person-to-person online trading community. With thousands of new and second hand computer hardware on offer, eBay is a great place to find computer hardware at discounted prices. Registration is still completely FREE.
Click here to visit the eBay UK web site

John Lewis

At John Lewis' Computing department you call also buy a selection of the latest computer hardware. Modems, networking cables, printers, scanners, computer upgrade cards, and more - all from reputable names.
Click here to visit the John Lewis web site

Maplin Electronics

Maplin UK is dedicated to selling quality computer components, hardware and peripherals at competitive prices. They stock major brands like Belkin, US Robotics, Sony, Creative, Altec, Canon, Epson and others.
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Misco is one of the leading IT resellers in Europe - supplying cutting edge IT products and services to the business and private sector. You'll find PC hardware from the leading manufacturers, and their 'networking & data communications' offering is particularly strong.
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At Novatech you'll find quality computer products at low prices (often the cheapest you'll find online - we checked and used them lots before) and with free technical support. There're also some great weekly offers to look out for, and a clearance 'Factory Outlet' section with end of line and refurbished hardware and components.
Click here to visit the Novatech web site


Viking, part of Office Depot, offers thousands of computer hardware products from big brands at the lowe prices. This includes printers, monitors, projectors, webcams, routers, printer ink, laptop safety locks, computer cleaning products and much more.
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Selected other PC hardware shops

Here are some more on line stores which may also be worth a visit:
Inkandstuff: Specialises in selling compatible and original inkjet and laser printer cartridges at competitive prices.
Refresh Cartridges: Provider of low cost computer consumables, including inkjet refills, blank CD's & DVD's, cables and memory cards. Offer free delivery and quantity discounts.

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