How to navigate and browse wants to make your Internet experience ´So Much Easier´, and therefore uses an simple navigation method.

From the 'Home Page' you can drill down to any of the main categories (for example Gifts, Music CDs, ...).

Within some of the main categories, you can drill down further into a subcategory (for example Perfume within Health and Beauty).

The shops under each category are listed in the left hand site menu, and they are reviewed within the main body/area of the screen. Next to each shop a list of features may be displayed.

You can link to any of the shops within each category by clicking on the shop name in the left hand menu or by following the link under the review. In both cases, a new window will open with your requested shop. To get back to our site, just close the window.

On the right hand site of the screen, the features index and hot deals section may be displayed.

Hot deals

The 'Hot Deals' section displays all the latest bargains and promotions relevant to the category. Save time and money as you do not have to visit each site separately to hunt for that bargain.

We will update this section weekly with new offers and promotions.

When you click on a specific deal, you will link directly to the relevant page of the shop selling this deal.

Features Guide

Our features index makes it ´So Much Easier´ for you to find out quickly the main features of each shop and site. A short explanation of each feature is displayed in the features box on the right hand side of the screen.

If you are familiar with the meaning of each of the feature-images (also called icons), we suggest you hide the box by pressing the hide link (you can always display the box again when you need it).

You can also find out what each feature means by hovering over the icons (i.e. moving your mouse over the images next to the shop name).

Here is the detailed explanation of all the features:
Information Only - means that the shop has no online buying facility.
Secure Ordering - means the shop uses rigorous security methods to ensure that all the details you give to them stay safe, and all the personal data is transmitted in an encrypted form.
Telephone Ordering - means that the shop provides the ability to order by phone as a clear, advertised alternative to shopping online. Hover over the icon to display the telephone number. Telephone ordering as such is different from telephone support and customer services. All the shops listed on our site do provide a telephone number to get in touch with them (most of the time you will find this in their help section).
Free Delivery - means that delivery of the order is free. Certain restrictions may apply, such as free delivery to the UK, or free delivery when you order over a certain amount. Hover over the icon to get more information.
Express Delivery - means that you have the option to get the items sent by an express delivery service. Mostly this implies next day delivery by courier (at an additional cost). If you need to buy something in a hurry, we suggest you only look at shops with this feature. Hover over the icon to display cost information.
Worldwide Delivery - means that you have the option to get the items sent to a delivery address outside the UK. This service is great if you don't live in the UK or if you want to send a gift to family or friends abroad.
Gift Wrapping Service - means that you have the option to get your purchase gift wrapped (and sent to a different address if you like). An additional cost may be added for this service. Hover over the icon to get cost information. Very useful service if you want to send a gift directly to the person you are buying for.
Product Reviews - means you can read through reviews on the item in the shop before you buy. These reviews have been written by other shoppers who bought the items or by the shop's editor. Hover over the icon to find out which type of reviews are available.
Buyer Guides - means additional information is available on the site on the products you want to buy. For example a guide on buying the right mobile phone for you.
Store Locator - means you can search for the nearest physical store, by typing in your postcode or town.
Price Guarantee - means that this shop guarantees to sell its products at a lower price than others and will refund you if you find it cheaper anywhere else. Restrictions do mostly apply, such as limiting the range of the other shops to a specific area. Hover over the icon to view the restrictions.

Note 1: The features index is only displayed if your browser supports JavaScript.
Note 2: You can only hide the features box if your browser supports cookies and if they are enabled. We need to write a cookie to allow the browser to remember your preference.

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